Cloud computing consists in a set of technologies and service models focusing on the use and supply of information applications, processing capacity, storage and memory, all based on the Internet. Cloud computing can provide important economic benefits because resources can be configured on demand, extended and accessed via Internet with ease. In addition to economic benefits, cloud computing can bring benefits if security is a concern; enterprises, especially small and medium ones can purchase, at a minimal cost, high technologies that normally would not fit within their budget.

There are a variety of services offered by the cloud computing providers, from data processing virtual systems to support services for application development and advanced web hosting and online solutions that can replace the conventional applications installed on the end users personal computers.

Over half of the largest private companies in Romania, of which nearly 60% have an annual budget for IT for over a million euros, have already bought cloud solutions and by 2017 the proportion is expected to reach 100% according to a market survey conducted by CIO Council, an association that includes about 80 IT executives from large corporations on the local market.

Despite the compelling arguments in favor of cloud computing, optimization and the cost reductions that these involve, there are certain areas of the business that any IT manager will hesitate, at least for now, to move into the “Cloud” for fear of safety and especially data confidentiality.

4CLOUD Private Cloud solution is designed to provide the same features and benefits of the public cloud systems, but eliminates a number of objections on the company’s data safety and customer privacy, security.


  • scalability and flexibility that respond to customer needs
  • resources shared among a large number of users
  • accessibility from anywhere and from any device
  • minimizing costs through standardization and automation of IT
  • automatic provisioning
  • easy to manage